Reg. No CK 91/03521/23

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MEMBERS: R.K. Holloway  P.Newton

Postal:  PO Box 73892, Fairland, 2030, South Africa

VAT Reg. No: 4740121910

Physical: Drostdy Street, Cleveland, Johannesburg

TEL: (+27  011) 622 5448

E-mail:   qualitec@global.co.za

FAX: (+27  011) 622 7493

Web: www.qualitec.co.za


Qualitec Engineering was established in February 1991.

Our main areas of work are related to the South African mining industry, construction industries and general engineering industries.

We own our own factory and land, total factory area is 800m sq. with offices of 220m sq.


Industries served:

1.     South African gold, platinum and coal mining industries.

2.    Diamond mining industry.

 3.    Construction industries.

4.    General engineering industries

 5.    R & D Institutions.


Major Customers:


1.    De Beers Industrial Diamond Group.

 7.    Ingersoll Rand.

2.    Goldfields (Gold Mining).

 8.    CSIR. (Miningtek Division)

3.    Anglogold (Various Gold Mines).

 9.    Rustenburg Platinum Mines.

4.    Steffen Robertson & Kirsten Consulting.

10.   Sasol Mining Explosives.

5.    Air Liquide (Southern Africa).

11.   Eskom, Technology Division

6.    Northam Platinum Mines.

12.   Ensign Bickford SA


Types of work undertaken:

1.     Fabrication, in both mild steel and exotics, i.e. stainless steel, non-ferrous metals &


 2.     Machining, i.e. turning, milling, horizontal boring mill work.

 3.     Projects, i.e. Machine building, including mechanical work, electrics, pneumatics,

         hydraulics, site installation and commissioning.

 4.     Specialised hydraulic fittings.

 5.     Specialised instruments designed to measure stress and linear movement in mines.



Both partners were born and educated in the United Kingdom and both completed College education in Mechanical Engineering. The Company has shown strong growth in the 25 years of trading, and has established a good relationship with many Top South African Companies.

We have good practical engineering design skills, including sound knowledge of material sciences.

We have built up a reputation of being reliable and offering our customers top quality work and complete engineering solutions at a reasonable price.