Reg. No CK 91/03521/23

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MEMBERS: R.K. Holloway  P.Newton

Postal:  PO Box 73892, Fairland, 2030, South Africa

VAT Reg. No: 4740121910

Physical: Drostdy Street, Cleveland, Johannesburg

TEL: (+27  011) 622 5448

E-mail:   qualitec@global.co.za

FAX: (+27  011) 622 7493

Web: www.qualitec.co.za


Designed for measurement of convergence in mines.


Operating principle: -

The instrument, which is portable, measures convergence between hanging and foot-wall.

A 10-turn potentiometer, fitted with a bobbin and stainless steel PVC covered wire, connects the top part of the telescopic body to the sliding lower half. Changes in movement are determined by measuring resistance on the potentiometer. Readings can be taken by either a simple multi-meter or by a data logger. Basic measuring range is 1200mm fully open to 750mm fully closed.


Features: -

  1. Simple, reliable and easy to read.
  2. Can be installed by one person.
  3. Measurement to 3 Metres, when used with extension tubes.
  4. Intended for relative measurements only. Temperature may change measurements.
  5. Telescopic body manufactured from zinc plated mild steel. Meter made from stainless steel and nylon corrosion resistant materials. Potentiometer sealed with “O” rings.
  6. Calibration curve supplied with each meter.
  7. “Bourns” 10 turn wire-wound potentiometer fitted with extended shaft and return spring.
  8. Supplied with 3-pin Canon socket and plug.
  9. Priced at R11 131, 00 plus VAT (valid until End May 2017).

(1) Extension piece  (2) Lower telescopic body   (3) Upper telescopic body  (4) Potentiometer body

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