Reg. No CK 91/03521/23

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MEMBERS: R.K. Holloway  P.Newton

Postal:  PO Box 73892, Fairland, 2030, South Africa

VAT Reg. No: 4740121910

Physical: Drostdy Street, Cleveland, Johannesburg

TEL: (+27  011) 622 5448

E-mail:   qualitec@global.co.za

FAX: (+27  011) 622 7493

Web: www.qualitec.co.za


Designed for measurement of closure in mines.


Operating principle: -

The instrument, which is portable, measures closure between hanging and footwall.

The Closure Recorder is a tool for quantifying closure.


The unit was developed in collaboration with CSIR Miningtek. A one week per revolution clock-work chart drive revolves a drum. The drum is fitted with special pressure-sensitive chart paper, which records data for up to one week. The meter can be used in stoping widths varying from 0.8m to about 3 m.


Features: -

1.     Simple, reliable and easy to read.

1.     Can be installed by one person.

1.     Measurement to 3 Metres.

1.     Telescopic body manufactured from aluminium tubes. Drum made from PVC, other body parts made from stainless steel and aluminium and other corrosion resistant materials.

2.     Supplied with a sealed aluminium cover to keep out debris.

3.     Documentation supplied with the instrument will assist the user in analysing the data and to correct for any distortions in the time axis due to the curved horizontal movement of the needle.




Priced at R22 020,00 plus VAT (valid until End May 2017).

(Quantity and/or resale discounts may apply.)

Special waterproof pressure-sensitive graph paper is available at R15.00 per sheet. 


(1.) Upper tub  (2.) Drum & Arm  (3.) Chart drive  (4.) Aluminium cover


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