Reg. No CK 91/03521/23

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MEMBERS: R.K. Holloway P.Newton

Postal: PO Box 73892, Fairland, 2030, South Africa

VAT Reg. No: 4740121910

Physical: Drostdy Street, Cleveland, Johannesburg

TEL: (+27 011) 622 5448

E-mail: qualitec@global.co.za

FAX: (+27 011) 622 7493

Web: www.qualitec.co.za


Designed for measurement of load on bolts in mines

Operating principle: -

The instrument, which is portable, measures loads on rockbolts.

The load cell is designed for loads up to 20 Tonnes. Load is applied to a cell of a known area, pressure within the cell is transmitted to a pressure gauge. The area is designed to have a 2:1 ratio between load and pressure. The gauge is rated at either 0 to 6 mPa, or 0 to 10 mPa, 1 mPa = 2 Tonnes, 6 mPa = 12 Tonnes etc. Accuracy is +- 5%.


Features: -

1.     Simple, reliable and easy to read, with no electrical connections.

        Can be installed by one person.

  • 16mm thick load spreader plates on top and base, 200mm diameter.
  • Designed with a split centre sleeve, to allow for assembly without removing the rock-bolt nut.
  • Mass 8,5Kg.
  • List price R3160,00 plus VAT (valid until End May 2017) Quantity discounts will apply.

 Optional extras: -

        Max pointer type gauge, this indicates the peak load reached between observations.

        Add R477,00 plus VAT (valid until End May 2017). NO QUANTITY DISCOUNTS

  • Pressure gauge can be replaced by a pressure transducer for remote data logging.

Add R7632,00 plus VAT.

  • Gauge armour can be supplied when fitted close to a blast, add R386,00 plus VAT.

(1) Pressure gauge (2) Split sleeve (3) 16mm thick load spreader plates

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