Reg. No CK 91/03521/23

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MEMBERS: R.K. Holloway P.Newton

Postal: PO Box 73892, Fairland, 2030, South Africa

VAT Reg. No: 4740121910

Physical: Drostdy Street, Cleveland, Johannesburg

TEL: (+27 011) 622 5448

E-mail: qualitec@global.co.za

FAX: (+27 011) 622 7493

Web: www.qualitec.co.za


Designed for measurement of load on support packs in mines.


Operating principle: -

The instrument, which is portable, measures loads on support packs.

The load cell is designed for loads up to 800 Tonnes. Load is applied to a cell of a known area, pressure within the cell is transmitted to a pressure gauge. The effective area of the cell and the loading pressure are converted to Tonnage. The pressure gauge is selected against the envisaged loading. The pack load cells can be supplied in many shapes and sizes, square, rectangular or round. Accuracy is +- 5%.


Features: -

  1. Simple, reliable and easy to read, with no electrical connections.
  2. Can be operated by one person.
  3. Load spreader plates on top and base, the thickness is determined by the site conditions.
  4. Pressure gauge protected by 3mm thick mild steel plate.
  5. Mass depends on the size and thickness of the loading plates.
  6. List price will vary depending on the size. Quantity discounts will apply:


Optional extras: -

  1. Max pointer type gauge, this indicates the peak load reached between observations.

Add R477,00 plus VAT no discounts apply (valid until End May 2017).

  1. Pressure gauge can be replaced by a pressure transducer for remote data logging.

Add R7632, 00 plus VAT. (valid until End May 2017)


(1) Load spreader plates (2) Gauge armour (3) Pressure gauge (4) Load cell

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